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Simple is the best, just for you.

SJ GROUP is one of the professional manufacturers specializing in foam materials. Simplicity has always being our managing policy since the inscription, making core technique a lifestyle. Environmental consideration is the guideline of the group from materials picks, production processes, packing stuffs, debris recycle and its waste disposal. To environment, safety, and sanitation works, our corporation has endeavoring to carry out thus with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified during the past few years respectively already.

Corporate identity, a development ground of SJ Group is taken directly from prefix of both“ Simple is the best ”and“Just for you.”This service flexibility is thereof extended to the whole world. The green leaves on the center of the corporate identity are to tell that the Group has always with environment in consideration and with global resourcesfor concern; every enterprise body of the SJ Group is endeavoring in research and development consistently to explorea better tomorrow as their mission.


With the attention of international societies to environment like that of Kyoto Protocol and to meet with EU RoHS requirement, our corporation has employing green production concept based on clean process, in addition to controlled measures of air, water, waste, toxicant, and noise. With the development of green product instead of traditional non-environmental materials, we endeavor to do our part to the ever forward evolution of the global village.

President 高光隆董事長

Our Insistence and Goal


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Company History

Our Achievement Over The Years

In 1970, Mr. Kao Din-Shou sold his farm land in FenYuan, Changhua county to support his eight sons establishing Ho Tung Co., a rubber and plastics recycling factory, in Huatan. During decades , the family members persist in Mr. Kao’s philosophy of “Honest, Decent , Conservative and Stable” to operate the business. They did not only turn the recycling factory into EVA foam factory, but also established See Green Co.,, Shinyau Co.,, and Chyun Jaan Co. (Vietnam), and the main business are producing and selling materials and products of plastics and rubber foams. Let’s visit SJ group’s important World changing milestones from the beginning.

  • Our Humble Beginnings

    HT Chemical Inc. was incorporated.
    Reprocessing plastic industrial wastes to recycled materials

  • 1974

    Producing composite rubber shoe soles as well as SBR and PVC foaming materials.

  • 1980

    Producing EVA and LDPE foaming cushiony materials

  • 1983

    Producing SBR/PVC composite rubber compound materials.

  • 1985

    CS Chemical Inc. was incorporated.
    Producing PVC/EVA foaming materials.

  • 1986

    GK Plastic Injection Inc. was incorporated in China.
    Producing EVA, PVC and PU foams and injection plastics.

  • 1990

    SJ Rubber Inc. was incorporated
    Producing natural rubber foaming materials.

  • 1993

    Producing TPR injection sports pads.

  • 1996

    DTO R/D Center is organized to develop applications of plastic and rubber forming materials.

  • 1997

    Japan in

    Cooperation with Japan.

  • 1998

    Producing SBR and CR compound materials.

  • 2000

    Producing TPE and TPU compound materials.

  • 2003

    CJ Foam Inc. was incorporated in Vietnam to produce various plastics and rubber foams and compound materials.

  • 2004

    Producing natural rubber memory foams.
    Enhancing non-glue adhereing process.
    Launching multilayer and multi-substance non-glue compound materials.
    Introducing Zero Waste Factory plan.

  • 2005

    USA in

    MPD holdings Inc. became a member of the SJ Group.
    Integrating processes of continuous rubber forming web.

  • 2006

    TSS Compound Inc. was incorporated to produce pellet compound materials.
    Introducing TPE open cell foaming process.

  • 2007

    CC Textile Inc. was incorporated in China to enter textile business.
    Implementing high-precision nano foaming process.
    Launching Ergoprene materials.

  • 2008

    Setting up Recycling Department.
    Introducing Cradle to Cradle Recycling Plan.
    Triggering recycling program of sports shoes.

  • 2009

    China in

    Experimenting Sports Shoes Recycling Plan subsidized by Small.
    Business Innovation Research (SBIR) fund.
    Setting up factory of recycled building material in Kunshan city, China.

  • 2010

    Investing Suzhou Wellpool Green Energy Building Material Co., Ltd.

  • 2011

    Water-based resin technology and dry-dying textile process introduction.

  • 2013

    Plant expanding for rubber leather product; Starting to produce semiconductor consumables.

  • 2014

    Planting expanding for recycled Nano Rubber; Natural rubber independent foaming technology introduction.

  • 2016

    Investment in sustainable economy industry, consumer waste pilot plant, energy storage industry.

  • 2018

    SBTR Development Plan for Eco - Health Industry Cluster for slippers.

  • 2019

    Investing Shandong Wellpool Vandai Green Material Ltd.
    Expanding plants for natural rubber non-glue adhering process in Taiwan; increase extra 80% production capacity.
    Investing the new plant in Vietnam.

  • 2050 Taiwan

    Waste Free Homeland

Vision & Value

Simple is the best, just for you

Environment Governed Passion

Useless become Endless



Divertimento is certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, 100% FSC, Sedex and Higg Index.


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