Sustainable Plant-based Leather is a revolutionary product developed by SJ GROUP which is natural and made to replace artificial leather. The innovative material is not only recyclable, biodegradable but also no pollution problem involved. It can replace all nonrecyclable and pollutant traditional artificial leather.

For nowadays, most of artificial leathers have caused serious pollution problems. For example, PU leather results to water pollution and PVC is cause of Dioxin. The material of Sustainable Plant-based Leather is natural rubber which is extracted from natural saps of rubber trees. Besides, in manufacturing process, we use patent technology of non-glue adhesive and adopt food grade addictives to replace chemicals. Therefore material and process are proved to be safe in terms of human body or natural environment. Furthermore, products made from Sustainable Plant-based Leather is biodegradable which helps to minimize impact to ecology.

Besides keeping same appearance and touching, Sustainable Plant-based Leather offers various patterns/texture, and it also provides soft-touching, fancy quality and most importantly superior non-slip surface. Because of the simple process, easycutting, low cost, light, waterproof, and cold/heat resistant, Sustainable Plant-based Leather could be applied to apparels, gloves, shoes, furniture, bag, and other industry assemblies.

SJ Croup has more than 30 years experience and technology on natural rubber open cell foam. From consumers products to the application of high technique natural compound materials, they are all within our coverage. Possessing the most advance microfilm foam technique around the world, we developed 0.05mm microfilm foam for medical industry; the technique of open cell foam combining PLA and nature rubber make us the world leader in the field, making the nature rubber material not only to be biodegradable but also applying PLA property to make product with more environmental efficiency. Continuous research and development on natural foam materials keep us growing. To date, SJ Group natural materials foam factory has become the world’s second largest nature rubber open cell foam maker.

Super thin Sustainable Plant-based Leather is a pioneering material in the market, the incredible 0.1mm thickness could apply to glove, tennis grip, fitness wear, decorations, and so on. Meanwhile, non-glue adhesive technology can be applied to increase thickness by fabric on rubber sheets. Thicker Sustainable Plant-based Leather could be used in sofa, sport gloves or chair cover, and others.

Introducing Sustainable Plant-based Leather to the market would change materials we have in everyday life. The applications including sports accessories and household products. Environmental protection is more than a slogan. We can contribute to the environment by choosing a new material which is from the nature, back to the nature and bring no burden to natural environment.


SPL is a revolutionary product. The innovative materials are completely environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It can replace all non-recyclable and contaminated traditional artificial leather.

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Fashion products

Excellent texture, soft feel and color can be arbitrarily matched, whether it is leather bags, shoes, backpacks, etc., can create high quality artificial leather.

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Automobile / Bicycle

The new generation of natural leather materials can completely replace artificial leather, completely pollution-free and with free textured, bringing brand-new leather products to cars, motorcycles or bicycles. Its innovative and sophisticated texture and color are comparable to artificial leather.

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Sporting goods

According to the needs of various sports products, the physical characteristics of Sustainable Plant-based Leather can be adjusted to meet the needs of various sports and reach the perfect peak.

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Sofas, seats and cushions used in furniture can be made of innovative leather materials to reduce environmental pollution of artificial leather.